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I understand some of you may be new to the club so stay with me and just read ahead. If you have any questions please call me or ask me if you see me at the pool. As a general guide & support to the incoming gala season we have put together a TST gala calendar.

Short Course season Calender runs til 31st December 2018

Long Course season Calender runs from 1st January 2019 - 30th June 2019

Nationals Calendar 1st-31st July 2019

NB please read all gala detail sent out in email or on our site as there may be gala age restrictions and some galas also have qualifying times. 

Also as the governing body Swim Ireland may need to change some detail or put in additional information as and where necessary and if so required will notify all involved.   

Swim Ireland have generally split the gala season into SC (Short Course 25 meter Pool) and LC (Long Course 50 Meter Pool) where we have put our calendar into 3 cycles to match the incoming season as in attached and in summary below Season Plan

As there are many galas on the calendar for logistical reasons ie travel close to our club etc, also keeping in mind the other clubs that support our gala we reciprocate the same support.

e.g. Traditionally ESB always support our gala as we do theirs, we have identified these galas (highlighted in orange) as the galas we intend to enter. The other galas in light green are also still available to entre so talk to your coach or myself if you intend to enter any of these. 

Season Plan 

Cycle 1 SC (Short Course 25 meter Pool) runs from Sep 2018- Jan 2019.  

Cycle 2 LC (Long Course 50 Meter Pool) runs from  Jan  - May 2019. 

Cycle 3 LC & SC Age Group Nationals runs in July 2109. 

Within the calendar we have identified the level of meets. as an example the meet below is in cycle 1 SC (Short Course) and is the ESB level 3 club gala on Nov 10 & 11.

Our Calendar 

Tallaght Gala Calendar


There are 5 levels of galas, Level 1 is a starter type gala and level 5 at the more experienced, & mostly requires athletes to progress through the levels achieving qualifying times to get there see below for levels overview. 

Levels of Galas

Guide to different Types of Galas

Types of Gala

About Tallaght Swim Team

Tallaght Swim Team (TST) is a small competitive swimming club based in Tallaght, Dublin 24.  TST has members from all over Leinster including Blesssington, Naas, and Newbridge. Our Membership includes swimmers of various abilities, from those just moving up from swimming classes to those competing at Club, Provincial, National and International level. The club welcomes new members of all ages to join, develop and improve their swimming skills and compete in competitions. The squads range from the Transition /Learning Class which is for swimmers moving up from Lessons to our A squad who compete at National and International Levels.

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